Your time is valuable. This should be your first stop to put your Business on the Internet. Even if you only want a personal website, then you’ve come to the right site!

We can do it together….

Here, you will find full-time professionals available to you on a part-time basis, as needed. We do the back-end stuff, and teach you how to do the rest. Some of the time you’ll be on the keyboard; sometimes it will be faster for us to do that for you, especially if it’s something that has to be done only once. Of course, we’ll be around when you need us!

Or, you can do it all…

You’ll need some help, and we can help. If you choose to spend your time like this, then you do all the typing, and we guide. And most of it will be free. You send us the links, or ask us questions, and then we’ll offer a way forward for you.

You can buy your domain here at A Better Computer if that’s all you need.readmore

You can buy your web hosting here, too. readmore

Or, we can do it all!

This is going to be expensive because only our hands hit the keyboard. You visit the site, read our reports, and give your feedback to where we should go next.  Get your checkbook out…

We appreciate your business….

You may create your  account at A Better Computer, Inc (ABCInc) without making a purchase right now… in other words, it’s a free account:

Go to the ABCInc Domains Registration  Storefront at http://ABCInc-Domains.com: Look at the very top line of the page, towards the right corner. Click on the “Login / Sign Up” button:Signup-1

Next, click on the blue “Create an Account” in 10 seconds” button in the center of the page:Signup-2

Enter the basic information requested (save your password information!):


Finally, click on the blue “Create Account” button.  Voila: Your account is ready!


Your turn! Go to our virtual storefront at ABCInc-Domains